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En la segunda fecha, Arsenal disputó su primer encuentro de local, ganándole al Deportivo Anzoátegui por 3 – 0, con una gran actuación colectiva. Italian publication La Repubblica report that Arsenal are now considering a move for Leao after missing out on Dusan Vlahovic in January as the striker swapped Fiorentina for Juventus. Golazo type show for the 9am Sunday match window. 2. Golazo Show- This is a must for the Serie a and Americans to successfully enjoy Calcio. That’s the key though, needs to be incorporated into the framework of another match, not the format they had for the Champions League and Europa League Golazo shows.

Paul- I recently called Paramount Plus and they have no idea of what I’m talking about. Ra I understand that ESPN Plus had this feature for Apple TV. I know Fox Soccer Plus had this feature for the Champions League and the German Bundesliga. Let the fans be interactive with the Serie A and let them most importantly have fun with the beautiful game. The options are limitless and interactive option could really be a fun and new alternative for Serie A fans. At Least 2-4 matches a week should be aired on CBS and CBS Sports network so subscribers of Paramount Plus and Cable TV viewers can watch some of the matches. There should also be a poll on what Serie A matchup the fans want to see on CBS or CBS Sports Network. They don’t even know what the Serie A is.

The specials and highlights section don’t work at times. They should create pop ups so the viewer can jump into it quickly so they don’t miss important action and they have to constantly Rewind and fast forward for this. Another tip and idea that could really spark a new audience. Can’t wait for the brand new start of the Italian Serie A on Paramount Plus and CBS Networks. Before the matches start Paramount plus could start a poll on who is going to win the match and other questions that could pertain to that matchup. Ra- So what are your suggestions for Paramount Plus and the Serie A? What other ideas or opinions do you guys have for Paramount Plus and the Serie A. Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and Forza Napoli! Michelangelo. Your ideas are good, but they are unrealistic.

Ra. I understand that some of my ideas may be unrealistic due to the fact that the Serie A rights in Italy are far superior to those in the states due to the fact it’s the main league that they watch. It would be also great if you could jump to the main highlight during the steam such as a goal, foul, penalty, VAR, etc. An Italian broadcast would make the most sense as a SAP language since it is the Italian Serie A. By adding native Italian broadcasting to the game creates an exciting level of passion, drama, insights, and honor to the league.

There was a sense of deja vu in the closing stages when Mariano Diaz squirmed home from Benzema’s take down but both men were offside when the initial pass was played, as a poor game petered out into a draw. That format works for NFL and the viewers who only care about their fantasy stats, but less so in soccer in my opinion. Ra and @JP The Goalazo Show or Rai has “La Giostra del Goal” is critical to the success of the Serie A on Paramount Plus. During the match Paramount Plus should ask fans on who will win the match, the MVP, who will score first, Over or Under, etc.

However, having Italian SAP audio option will be a huge outlook to the game. Their should also be an option to choose your favorite team as an Icon on the app as well. Another key factor is they could add a feature on the app by saying what team do you support so you can get all the highlights and clips from your club. More Customization is needed and their should be a main section as well for soccer since many customers are buying it for this particular reason. In addition, Camiseta U.D. Las Palmas 2022/2023 barata – Madrid Shop A Soccer or Sports section would be lovely instead of always going into the TV show section. Apple TV has that feature which is great but your never going to get a full Serie A experience unless your watching a channel that streams all the matches and flips around through all the games showing you the goals and moments that could change the season.

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